domenica 25 dicembre 2011

Traction lovin'

XMASUNDAY. another christmas is gone and as every year, at this time in the evening of the 25th, I find myself overhelmed by the magic of this day (or maybe just because I'm overfilled up? yay, maybe). btw the truth is that I love spending this day with the whole family, also that ones I don't actally see too much during the year, and this is what makes this day so magical. and, yeah, also the presents and my new imtotallyinlovedontwannawearanyotheroneinmylife sunglasses. they're from a supercool (if you write traction on google it's almost difficult finding their site, way too hip) brand from France, Traction. I'm beyond in love with them, hope you understand my feelings, aha. good 25th night guys, tomorrow it's the beginning of a supernice fashion project I can't wait to tell you about, so stay tuned! jingle bells 

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