venerdì 30 marzo 2012


WISHLIST. well, I'm alive, I promise this weekend the outfit post will come up, so stay tuned. here is my wishlist at Zara, I'm in love with the whole SS12 collection, wish I could buy everything. happy friday

giovedì 22 marzo 2012


GREEN.  the mood of these days, simplicityistheway, got me to this extremely easy manicure DIY (from, of course). I love how it comes to be this original in such a simply way. you only need two different nail polishes, a nude one for the base and your moodoftheday colour as the top. I chose a very light green, close to a nude pattern, and a darker one to create a strong contrast. unfortunately I can't tell you the brand of the nail polishes I used cause they come from a local market here in Siena. but I'm sure you all have two contrast colours, so knuckle down and dress up your nails.

lunedì 12 marzo 2012


WOW. mix of pics from, trendland, jack and jil to bright up this longlong monday. my first day of internship has been amazing, soon I'll show you a pic with the whitecoat, aha. monday is finally over, hope to fly straight ahead to the weekend!

domenica 11 marzo 2012


FUORIPORTA. photo-diary of this weekend. tomorrow it's my first day of internship, I'm beyond excited! wish me luck. xx

zara blazer - H&M gold sweater - cheap monday jeans - furla bag - multicolor belts - H&M rings

venerdì 9 marzo 2012


GOLD. sparkling gold, vintage high waist shorts, sequined clutch and Leo. pure simplicity. never been mad at gold since I was a child, always found it too simpering, the kind of colour I was used to leave intact in the pencil case while painting. by the way, this sweater at only 9,99€ has been the right compromise to get some of this brightness into my closet. the mood is the same of the metallic pants, shine on, so I will. wish you a super weekend in the sign of radiance.

H&M gold sweater - blumarine shorts - zara clutch - primadonna creepers - H&M necklace

mercoledì 7 marzo 2012


UNIVERSITY. non so voi, ma il mio fashionradar, sacro settimo senso che permette la localizzazione nell'armadio di abbinamenti e capi cool, di prima mattina e con un'aspettativa riguardo la giornata che nella migliore delle ipotesi sfiora le quattrobarracinque ore seduta sulle celebri sedie seentroseralascoliosinontièaumentatadi3°tipuoiritenerefortunata dell'università, risulta parecchio pigro e svogliato. al che, ripiego almost everyday su quei jeansbarrapantaloni e maglioncinoconcamicia che, se il radar fosse vigile, mi etichetterebbe come lookdafigliadipapà, cosìcisisavestirepuremianonna, complimentiperl'originalitàpropriodafashionblogger e così via, ci siamo capiti. this morning instead, complici le tre ore di ieri sera a ciacciare vari blog e la sveglia alquanto easy oltre le 9, un piccolo neuroncino del settimosensoradar mi ha guidato verso questo look total black con maglioncino furry vs jeans ultraskinny. e, ebbene sì, sotto il maglione there is no shirt, scoprirete l'origine del colletto nelle prossime puntate (funziona la suspense? we'll see). insomma vi dirò, a me questo ensemble non dispiace affatto, converse comprese che fa più indie, e infatti ve lo infiocchetto in un bel post apposito, micasipuòesseretroppoganziognigiorno no? happy mercoledì

zara sweater - cheap monday skinny jeans - beige converse - furla bag - casio watch - traction eyewear

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Space oddity

SILVER LEGS. one of the trends of this season is of course silver, declinated in all of its sparkling ways. also me, a superduper hater of everything that shines (and, believe me, this trousers really do shine), had to give up to this shimmering style. nevermind if you look like a space girl, just feel the metallic power in your hands and shine on!

zara metallic trousers - zara sweater - primadonna creepers - traction eyewear