mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012


WEDNESDAY. studying days means boring days, the weather is so cold that I can only go out dressed like a mountaineer and this buries my fashionista spirit. btw, thanks god on sunday my friend Luca took me to shoot these pics (the stupid face of the previous post is from this series). the outfit is really simple in attempt to highlight my new dot skirt. I really like the fabrics and the pattern also makes me feel like a child, so cute! Be prepared, in the next days you'll surely see my Yeti version, here are almost 0 degrees and it's definitely too too too too (I could continue) cold for me. have a nice and warm day everyone

Vintage shirt - Primark scarf - Camaieu skirt - H&M blazer - Traction eyewear 

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  1. Bellissimo Blog! bellissime foto! da oggi ti seguo anche io!