domenica 15 gennaio 2012

How come you never go there

SUNDAY. not a great weekend, yesterday I was feeling a little bit sick and today I'm still quite upset. btw, this afternoon I managed to shoot some pics with my friend and beloved photographer Luca (and, of course, our lovely assistent, Alessia). if you're wandering about the paleness of my face, yeah, it's exactly because of my sickness (maybe I should have gone with some more make-up, you're right). nevermind, I finally took out for a walk my new mary jane, they're so cute that I don't want to wear any more shoes in my life (exaggerating, as always). what's your sunday night plans? mine... well, travellin' to Siena and then bed bed and bed, I definitely need some rest. and then let the new week begin!

ASOS mary jane
VINTAGE sequined blouse
H&M shorts
OVS scarf
ZARA sequined cluch
 TRACTION sunglasses 

8 commenti:

  1. ADORO la pocheeettee !! OMG!!

  2. che fai cancelli i commenti negativi?

    1. Cancello i commenti anonimi, quando ti firmerai ti risponderò. Buona giornata

  3. Your outfit is amazing, I love it

  4. è brutto non avere consensi eh?

  5. Amo quelle scarpe!!! Ti seguo! Un bacio, Serena