lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Luisaviaroma pink carpet

MONDAY. here are some pics of the Luisaviaroma pink carpet I got from the photographers, especially the talented Ivan Guerrero (and, of course, from my iPhone). it has been a supercool experience, I met a lot of bloggers (surely the best part) and supercute guys, really loved being there. of course, I did some pics also with the superbloggers from The blonde salad, Stylescrapbook, fashionsquad, Irene's closet, bryan boy and many more, it has been a pleasure to know them! at the end, the look I chose was made up by almost all Zara and H&M stuff: a lace pink blouse, leather shorts (veryvery... short), sequined clutch and.. here we go! hope you like my outfit guys, a huge hug (sounds strange, eh?) to all the lovely people I met at the party, loved you all


Lace shirt, Zara
Leather shorts, H&M (on sale, 10€, what are you waiting for? ;)
Heels, Buffalo
Tights, Calzedonia
Earrings made by my talented auntie
Clutch, Zara
Rings, H&M
Watch, Casio 

 for the pics, thanks to:
Ivan Guerrero, The Male Music Project
Michele Michelsanti, Lucky Fashion

8 commenti:

  1. che carina! si vede che vi siete divertiti tutti :)

  2. Grazie cara! Si, è stato un bellissimo party. tu non c'eri?

  3. Che bell'evento! *.*

  4. bellissime foto!scusa se te lo chiedo, come hai avuto l'invito per l'evento?

    passa da me se hai un secondo, mi farebbe piacere!


  5. Da quando ho scoperto il tuo blog è salvato tra i siti preferiti, mi piace molto :D queste foto sono molto carine soprattutto quella con chiara! :D


  6. Molto carine le foto.
    Soprattutto quella con me.
    A presto Vivienne! :D