venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

New in

HOME. hi modaioli, here is some stuff I got from Berlin. the platform heels are my newgreatabsolute love (I'm always exaggerating, I know), was looking for them for a really long time and now they're finally mine. oooouh. I love taking back the cards of the events or the place I visited from all my travels, I keep them all in such a cute box. do you do the same? the WEEKEND one is from the disco we went two times, I really want to suggest you to go there 'cause the music is absolutely great and different from all the other places. lovedit. I also bought a german magazine I read during the flight (not really read 'cause I don't undestand a word in german). the Oper in Berlin is the ticket of a beautiful ballet show I've seen right there, where one of the dancer was the flatmate of my friend Eugenia, Luigi (already told you about him). totally gorgeous.  and then, dunkin' donuts, do you need any explanation? don't think so. soon a new outfit post, stay tuned.

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